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Regain the joy of
practicing medicine.

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Scribes are an affordable,
revenue-generating solution
for your practice.

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We are committed to
bringing sanity back to
the physician’s day.

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Scribes are an affordable,
revenue-generating solution
for your practice.

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We do it all. Hire, Train, Manage.
Our turn-key scribe staffing services
allow you to focus on what you do best.

Industry Leading Scribe Services

eScribe provides industry-leading scribe staffing for hospitals and physician-owned groups across the nation in a variety of emergency medicine and outpatient settings. eScribe has a proven track record in creating programs that are financially viable and produce a sustainable, positive return on investment for its partners.


Recruit. Hire. Train. Manage. We will take care of all the important details needed to run a successful scribe program. We offer full turn-key scribe staffing services for our clients so that you can focus on what you love to do.


One size does not fit all when it comes to crafting a scribe program. Each scribe program is built from the ground up with your group’s workflow, work habits, and documentation systems in mind.


We believe that scribes are a revenue-generating investment, not an incremental expense. We are committed to ensuring that every scribe program yields a strong return on investment

Times are changing. Physicians must do more with less.

Physicians and administrators must navigate a new healthcare environment with an emphasis on running lean, efficient practices. Physician income in nearly all medical specialities has peaked, and physicians are being asked to do increasingly more non-reimbursable tasks, such as data entry into the EMR. These challenges have substantially affected physicians morale. Scribes are an affordable solution to help physicians successfully adapt to the changing healthcare environment.

Scribes are smart, medically-minded,
tech savvy, documentation assistants!


Scribes will positively impact many facets of your practice.

Increase Revenue through Improved Productivity

Increase Revenue through Better, More Complete Documentation

 Increase Revenue by reducing LWOTs

Improve Patient Throughput

Improve Physician Satisfaction

Eliminate After-Hours Documentation

Improve the Patient-Provider Interaction


Recent Blog


  • Andrea Woerther

    “I have worked in several other facets of health care and no other opportunity has provided me with the unique exposure to the reality of what a physician does day-to-day as scribing has. Everyday is a new learning opportunity in an interesting and fast-paced work environment. It is incredibly rewarding to fulfill a role in the healthcare team that allows me to support the physician while I am constantly gaining valuable knowledge, first-hand experience, and building relationships with future colleagues. After scribing, I am much more confident in my ability and desire to pursue a career in medicine.”

    Andrea Woerther

  • Liz Palmer

    “Working with eScribe Management Services as a scribe in an Emergency Department has been an influential and momentous decision in my post-graduate life.  It has affirmed my passion for medicine, and has better equipped me with medical knowledge and exposure that I’m sure will be beneficial when I head to PA school. I am excited to go to work each morning, something that not many students directly out of college often say.”

    Liz Palmer