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Love your EMR?
Didn’t think so.

That’s what eScribes are for.

Recruited from America’s top medical schools, these smart, tech-savvy, clinically-capable students come to your door fully trained
and eager for record-keeping work that puts them next to experienced physicians.


A candidate only makes it from our rigorous program to your practice after 100 hours of specialty-specific training.


My scribe provides the best help I’ve received in my office. “I feel like a doctor again—not a typist.”


eScribes arrive fully trained on your current EMR, ready to click through it with jaw-dropping speed and accuracy.

Goodbye computer screens. Hello patients.

You’re here to care and cure, not click.

The average emergency physician clicks the mouse 4,000 times in a single 10-hour shift—not the most productive way to practice medicine.

There is a newer, better way. One that frees physicians from clerical tasks and digital devices to not only see more patients, but spend more time with each and every one.
And you don’t have to be a big medical center to benefit. eScribe’s full-service program scales to fit practices of all sizes in the markets we serve. One physician, one scribe.
It’s as simple and easy as that.

Experienced. Enthusiastic.
Exactly matched to you.

eScribes are smart, tech savvy, documentation assistants!


Scribes will positively impact many facets of your practice.

Increase Revenue through Improved Productivity

Increase Revenue through Better, More Complete Documentation

 Increase Revenue by reducing LWOTs

Improve Patient Throughput

Improve Physician Satisfaction

Eliminate After-Hours Documentation

Improve the Patient-Provider Interaction

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  • “I hated the idea of scribes—thought this was a fool’s errand. I am also the first to admit I was DEAD WRONG.”

    Emergency Physician

  • “The more experienced scribes are amazing. They make life easier in the ER and charts are completed by the end of the shift.”

    Emergency Physician